"He’s gone,
You’re sad,
I get that.
He left because he doesn’t want to be a part of your life anymore,
I understand.
You need to fill that hole he left in your chest when he acted like it was a wall and punched through it when he got mad.
I want you to break your bones back into place,
I know you broke them all when you fell for him.
Stop thinking about him kissing you,
Replace that taste on your tongue with something much sweeter than he ever was.
I know school didn’t teach you to stop loving someone and how to cope with life when someone leaves,
But you can battle through this.
Right now,
You’re probably numb.
Every morning you wake up and think about him,
I know,
I’ve been there,
Eventually you won’t think about him all the time,
Memories fade,
One day you’ll wake up and stop torturing yourself with the thought of him.
When you realise you haven’t thought about him for a while you will smile,
You will learn to love and be happy again.
You will be mended.
I want you to stay strong,
Don’t give up,
Do what you have to do to fix this.
Stop making 11:11 wishes for him to come back,
He’s not going to."
he’s never going to come back to you  (via innerer-n0rden)


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